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I grew up in Winston Salem, NC and spent most of my free time outdoors - bicycling, hiking, camping, swimming - I love being outside and in the beauty of nature. I attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and graduated with a BA in Psychology. After graduation I went to work for my father at a local structural steel fabrication plant and was there for 18 years. I moved to Charlotte in 2010, to Western WA in 2012 and back to the Southeast in 2020.

I have had a special love for photography as long as I can remember - growing up I was always the kid with the camera snapping away. I bought my first dSLR in the spring of 2007 in preparation for a trip to Oregon. I spent about 10 days driving from Portland, OR down to Sacramento, CA taking in all the sights and beauty I could along the way. The trip and the camera changed my life; something I had always enjoyed became a passion and ambition. I returned home with a new found desire to create photographs of the beauty I had always admired around me.

I love travel and landscape photography and am on the road taking pictures as often as I can.  In the interim I greatly enjoy real estate photography and have been doing it for over 8 years.

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